06 / 05 / 2015

New Powerful dehumidifiers Power 30-40-50

Inventor gives you the power you need to dehumidify your space. Explore Power use.

The professional Power series provides you the solution to remove humidity from commercial and big residential premises with poor ventilation. Power dehumidifiers feature a Turbo option for better results and smart dehumidification. Power dehumidifiers also have a SMD/COMFORT function to adjust the area’s humidity level automatically, creating high-energy savings. For the best utilization of continuous drainage function, the POWER 40 and POWER 50 come equipped with a water pump to lift the water up to 5 meters.

Additionally, Power hosts enhanced cleaning air filters that improve air quality and offer a clean hygienic environment.

All the power you need to remove humidity from your living and working environment! Ideal solution for professional spaces!