22 / 01 / 2019

Why choose an air conditioner for heating throughout the winter?

Why choose an air conditioner for heating throughout the winter?

Traditionally, household heating during winter months was accomplished though the integrated radiator oil boiler system. However, the air conditioners have gained ground when it comes to heating and have become a solid choice for so many households and not in vain!

Discover the benefits of using an air conditioner for heating and ensure a warm environment at home for the whole winter!

4 main reasons can steer you towards this choice:

- Maximum Savings

Using an air conditioner for heat, saves you money on a monthly basis, mostly because of the general stability of the electricity price compared to the oil price that indicates an increasing tendency over the years. Simultaneously, the inverter type air conditioners, ensure the ideal temperature in your place, since they operate very little and with extremely low consumption, by the time the desired temperature is accomplished.

- Spectacular Efficiency

The air conditioner does not “spend” energy in order to produce heat but derives it from the external environment. That way, in comparison with the traditional heating method – the radiator – the heating performance of the air conditioner can reach up to 400%, as opposed to central heating system that does not exceed the ¼ of that percentage.

- Comfortable and Warm Atmosphere

Enjoy ideal heating conditions and maintain the sense of a warm environment, even when the air conditioner is turned off. Every well-insulated space does not allow the abrupt heat loss but preserves it for a long period of time so that you can feel the same amount of comfort.

- Autonomy and Flexibility

Adjust your budget during the winter months based on the needs of your household, operating the air conditioner only in the room and time of day of your choice, avoiding unnecessary costs and saving money from your monthly bill.

- Healthy Environment

The integrated filters along with the function of the integrated ionizer that most of the air conditioner models include, contribute in acquiring a clean and healthy atmosphere free of dust and malicious particles. At the same time, air conditioner usage allows you to set the desired temperature to an intermediate price, which, given it does not vastly differ from the temperature of the exterior environment, helps your organism better adjust to it.

“Invest” in an inventor air conditioner for your household heating and enjoy ideal conditions of warmth while saving energy and money from your winter budget!