13 / 06 / 2017

Omnia Plus – Value for Money Luxury A+++

Omnia Plus – Value for Money Luxury A+++

By choosing intelligently the new Omnia Plus air conditioner series, achieve saving even more energy!

Ensure optimal performance & energy saving, thanks to the highest energy class A+++ of the Omnia Plus series 9.000/12.000/18.000/24.000 btu/h.


The new domestic air conditioners Omnia Plus provide healthy atmosphere free from odors, microbes and dust to you and your family, thanks to the:

  • Sterilization HEPA filter:
    This filter removes even the smallest amount of dust from the air, while eliminates germs and reduces the chance of allergies and diseases.
  • Triple Action Filter with Vitamin C, Cold Catalyst and Silver Ion which protects your skin and improves the air.

    • Vitamin C:
      Increases collagen production while provides filtered air which softens the skin and reduces stress.
    • Silver Ion:
      Eliminates the existing bacteria and germs in the air, while provides fresh odorless air, helping to prevent mold.
    • Cold Catalyst:
      Absorbs odor and harmful gases from the environment.
  • Superpower Ionizer:
    Destroys odors, dust and smoke, while creating a clean and healthy atmosphere thanks to the produced ions.


Enjoy ideal temperature conditions whenever you want and save energy, thanks to the Wi-Fi Ready.

  • Set the air conditioner easily from wherever you are through your Smartphone or your Tablet.
  • Free download the Invmate II application via Google Play & App Store.
  • Enjoy the comfort it offers with additional energy savings.
The Omnia Plus air conditioners are a value for money luxury, which you must offer to yourself and your family!